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what we do

Many visitors make the comment that we are unique, that they’ve never seen anything quite like us—and many of these visitors, wine reps and the like, are very well traveled and have been to many a restaurant and wine shop across the country. We are often asked, “How’d you come up with this idea?” We wish we could say we were smart enough to have come up with some grand concept or plan, but the truth is that when we started, we had no idea what would work or how it would all fit together. We had taken over this little carry-out sandwich shop in “old Mariemont” that also sold beer, wine, and a little bit of gourmet food, and we just pushed on whatever seemed to be working that day.

In the summer of 1996, we moved into the new Mariemont Strand and the whole thing got much bigger, much faster than we anticipated. We put in a lot of long, hard hours. We were here all the time, and had very little time off. And then it dawned on us:  We were trying to build the place where we’d like to hang out—if we weren’t working all the time! That, we believe, is the secret to our uniqueness. We don’t study demographics, we don’t target a market, and we don’t try to cram ourselves into a mold or model ourselves after anybody.

We love great beer and great wine and good food and real music. We don’t like paying an arm and a leg for these things either. And that is how Dilly Deli became Dilly Café. It is our dining room and our living room, this is where we entertain our guests. You. Thanks for hanging out with us!

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